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Msc Computer Science, University of Ljubljana
PhD Bioinformatics, University of Zurich

splicekit, a platform for differential splicing analysis of short-read RNA-seq data
Erich Fromm: To Have or to Be and the Muralto travel quest
Mysql insert binary data from TAB files
Fifth-metatarsal fracture, a transformative lesson
Javascript href, onclick and command-click

The truth is rarely pure and never simple.

Short code notes: IT stuff I use and re-use.

splicekit: integrative analysis of splicing
scanRBP: tell me where a RNA-binding protein is acting
pybio: download and search any (almost any) genome
expressRNA: a web platform for post-transcriptional analysis
microbeAtlas: microbes on the web!
Always remember: the situation is hopeless, but not serious.